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Dancers need to ensure that they correctly fit their pointe shoes because it is essential to both the dancer's development of correct technique and the prevention of injury.

Sonata has the largest variety of pointe shoes to meet the needs of all the dancers with different types of feet. Our staffs are pointe shoe specialists where most of our sales educators in stores have been trained and are experienced in the skill of pointe shoe fitting.

Therefore, here at Sonata, we understand the importance and are devoted to making sure that every dancer fits her pointe shoes perfectly. Fitting well will protect your feet and help to enhance your dancing. And together with our large variety of pointe shoe accessories, you can also look good in your pointe shoes.

In any event, please make a call to any Sonata outlets to ensure that there is someone available for pointe shoe fitting before heading down. For dancers with unique feet structure, please make an appointment for a special fitting session. Appointments can be made by calling us in advance. For more details on our outlets, you can take a look at our “Locations”.

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