Are you competition ready?

Going for ballet competitions can be nerve-wracking, especially so if it's your first time competing. Here are some tips for you to help ease those nerves and be prepared.  You can never be too prepared; being prepared puts your mind at ease and gives you the confidence to perform your best. 

1. Organise your items

Have a big roomy dance bag to carry all your items around easily, so you won't forget anything essential. Our Multi-Compartment Bag keeps your shoes and small things organised, so that you can find them easily when you need them. 

2. Bring extra essentials

It's always good to have extras on hand - hair pins, hair nets, hair ties, hair gel, and a pair of tights during competitions. You never know when you might need them! Our Ballerina Hair Kit is compact with all the hair essentials into one tin, keeping your dance bags neat and organised. 

3. Stay warm 

Theatres can get quite cold from time to time, so do light stretching exercises throughout the day to keep your muscles warm. This helps to prevent muscle strain, and stretching is also more effective when your muscles are warm! Our Toastie Boots and Ripstop Warmups help to keep your muscles warm throughout the day as well. You might also want to bring along a Foot Roller or Resistance Band with you, to stretch and roll out your muscles whenever you want so you are ready. 

4. Costume tips 

Costumes can be quite costly, so one way to save money is to get a good base, and layer it with embellishments and accessories to suit your variation. You can always reuse it and change the embellishments to suit a different variation. When storing your costumes, keep them in bags designed to keep tutus or long garments so your tutu doesn't lose its shape. Our lightweight Recyclable Tutu Bag will do just the trick! It's the perfect way to store your costumes without them being too bulky to carry. You may also want to wear a Seamless Camisole underneath your costume, so you can keep the costume clean for the next day's use!

5. Wear well-fitted shoes and costumes  

It's important to be comfortable and wear well-fitted shoes and costumes. Well-fitted costumes help to show off your lines and not distract yourself with any loose straps slipping or looking untidy on stage. 

6. Take good care of yourself 

Competitions can get stressful, so do remember to stay hydrated and fuel up before your long day! It's always good to have a bottle of water on hand as well as some snacks to keep your energy levels up. Our Dancer Bottle keeps your hot water warm and cold water cold throughout the day. 


Top Photo Credit:
Miko Fogarty
Dance Inspirations by Sonata Dancewear, Thailand, 2016
Photography by Kai Kai Studio

May 19, 2022