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4pointe is coming to Singapore this July!

Masterclasses for Students

These masterclasses will be focusing mainly on pointe work, and the 4Pointe method of training Lynne Charles has developed from 7 years of research.

4pointe complements traditional training, improves strength, speed and precision on pointe, and preps dancers to minimise injury as much as possible.

Don't miss out on this incredible learning opportunity!

Training Course for Teachers

This is your chance to learn from the newly appointed Artistic Director of English National Ballet School!

  • Over 35 years of international dance experience working with renowned choreographers like John Neumier and Maurice Bejart
  • Lynne Charles discovered her passion for teaching during maternity leave, which has since led to a teaching career of 30 years globally
  • Lynne Charles developed 4Pointe as a way to help dancers continue to evolve, and to give back to the community

Book a Pointe Shoe Fitting

Our Pointe Shoe Specialists are dedicated to helping every dancer find their best fit among the selection of pointe shoes we carry. With our extensive knowledge and fitting experience, we strive to help dancers look good in their pointe shoes, while progressing safely in their pointe journey.

Need Dance Shoes?

Shop Sonata's Choice

We bring in a variety of products from reputable international brands to our retail stores. Each imported product brought to the store undergoes a rigorous selection process to ensure that they meet the technical requirements and quality standards of Sonata, as well as the needs of the local dance community. These are some of our favourites that we are now making available online for purchase.