Sonata Membership* is our Singapore in-store membership, where you will be rewarded with cashback and more when you shop at our Funan Flagship Store. To join, simply visit our Funan Flagship Store.

*With effect from 1 April 2021. Previously known as Backstage Membership.


Contact The Restoration Room directly for any enquiries.



What happens during the transition period (w.e.f. 1 April 2021)?

  • Cashback redemption and birthday vouchers are unavailable while we consolidate and port over to the new membership. Cashback earning is still available.

How do I know if the my membership transition is successful?

How do I check my current membership status?

  • If you are currently a member, you may log in at under account and check under Sonata Dancewear, Membership. You may also visit our Funan Flagship Store and our colleagues will be able to check for you.

Can I earn/redeem cashback for online purchases? 

  • Unfortunately, you can only earn/redeem cashback at the Funan Flagship Store (Singapore), as this is an in-store membership programme.

How does the minimum spend calculation work for membership upgrades? 

  • Minimum spending is calculated based on in-store purchases made for regular priced items. When your membership tier is upgraded, the minimum spend resets to zero, and starts to accumulate again from your next visit.

When can I use my birthday voucher? 

  • You can use your birthday voucher at the Funan Flagship Store during the month of your birthday (with a minimum spending of $20). Please ensure that you have updated your birthday in your membership profile. To do so, you you may log in at to update your profile.

How do I get the discount code for Singapore Ballet productions? 

  • The discount code will be sent via email, whenever applicable. Please ensure that you have registered your email in your membership profile. To do so, you you may log in at to update your profile.
  • If you still have not received the promo code, please email with your name and mobile number for us to verify your membership and send you the promo code.