Supporting your passion since 1982

Our Brand Story

We'll always dance with you.

We are a dancewear brand in Singapore, dedicated to helping dancers be better dancers through our knowledge and products since 1982.

From tiny tots to performing artistes, we serve the entire dance community by designing and selecting products that provide comfort, durability, safety, and elegance.

It all started from the love for dance.

It is the love for dancing that prompted Ms Ong Long, a former professional dancer herself, and her husband, Mr Tai Han Kwang, to venture into dancewear manufacturing and retailing in 1982 in Singapore.

Back in the days, good dancewear and dance shoes were hard to find in Singapore. Many dancers and teachers had to import their dance necessities from overseas, and it was expensive and difficult to do so.

Together with her husband Mr Tai, Ms Ong decided to start Sonata Dancewear, to provide local dancers and teachers with affordable good quality dancewear. As a dancer herself, Ms Ong understands the needs of dancers, and so she could create dance and performance wear that is suitable for dancers.

The Little Brown Store.

For a long time, Sonata operated from this iconic little brown store in Orchard Plaza in Singapore. At that time, we designed and made dancewear and costumes right in store, with our little sewing room at the back. Dancers, gymnasts etc. would come to us to have their garments tailor-made—we were pretty much like your old school made-to-measure tailor, with a focus on dance and performance wear. It is through these years of tailoring experience, we developed our way of making dancewear that is a good and comfortable fit for bodies in our region.

Since then, Sonata Dancewear has grown from a family run business to become the leading dancewear distributor in the region, known for its quality and comfort.

Design & Manufacture

Here at Sonata, we design and manufacture our dance garments in our factory in Singapore. With decades of experience, our high standards of drafting, cutting, and unique way of sewing, make us the preferred choice for classwear in the region.

We started designing garments with the ballet dancer in mind. Through plenty of feedback from dancers and active individuals, we now design for the ballet-inspired active lifestyle. Besides, our designers are dancers and like- minded individuals, too.

Comfort, Durability, Safety.

From tiny tots to performing artistes, Sonata serves the entire dance community. We will continue to develop passion for designing dancewear, apparels and products inspired by dance, and take pride in being an all-round outfitting partner to the community.

As one of the market leaders, we respond by keeping ourselves in tune with the times, yet, always holding true to our commitment to comfort, durability and safety.

This was how it was done since 1982, and we continue to stand by our values today.

Our Vision

Our vision is to support the needs of the ballet community, whether you are a dancer, educator, or just someone who appreciates the art.

We want to get the whole family involved in the dancer’s life, to celebrate milestones together and share a better understanding of the ballet life.

With quality products and services, and spaces that inspire, we aspire to be a strong partner of the community, and take steps together to a better life, inspired by ballet.