Reimagined Classics

Designed for dancers at competitions to enhance the lines of the body.

With a range of styles with various combinations of neck lines, back and straps, you will be able to find something that suits your preference.

Design Points

  1. Wider neckline and pinched front to show off your shoulder and neck line.
  2. Lower back that does not hinder movements, and yet wraps around snugly to make the back look more beautiful.
  3. Colours that show maturity and complement the skin tone.

SL4484 (Mocha)
Convertible Tights (Salmon Pink)
Stretch Form II - Split Sole Canvas Shoes

SL4481 Leotard

A faux bodice look, perfect for pairing with a practice tutu for training and rehearsals.

SL4482 Leotard

Wide pinched front to show off the shoulder and neck line, with a mid U back and empire seam to hug the back. This style has the highest back in this collection, for a slightly more conservative look.

SL4483 Leotard

Our beautiful classic tank leotard (SL4467) pattern, this time with a low U-back to show off the back. Best fit on the most body types.

SL4484 Leotard

Our best-selling camisole leotard (SL4436) pattern with a redesigned pinched front to show off the shoulder and neck line. Princess seams to make the body look slimmer.

SL4485 Leotard

Seamless front and back design for a clean and neat look. Back has a slight V to make the back look longer and more beautiful.

(L-R) SL4483 (Azuki), SL4485 (Mocha), SL4483 (Blueberry)
Convertible Tights (Pink)

Special Thanks

Marlupi Dance Academy
Theresa Tan, Singapore Ballet