Sewing Ribbons & Elastics
Step 1:
At the highest point of the arch of your foot, make a pencil mark on your shoe.
Step 2: 
Sew one ribbon on each side of your shoe.
Step 3: 
When you tie your pointe shoes, the ribbons should pull up your arch.
Step 4A: 
Single Elastic — One elastic across the heel for each shoe. Elastics should be sewn on one thumb spacing away from the centre line.
Step 4B: 
Double Elastic — Two elastics across the arch of the heel.  Fold the heel forward and sew one end of the elastic where the top of the heel sits perpendicular to the side of the pointe shoe, and sew the other end one thumb spacing away from the center line.
Illustration by Valerie Yeo, Dancer at Singapore Ballet
February 16, 2022
Tags: Education