< Updated as of 1st Dec 2023 >

Uniforms out of stock can be pre-ordered and will have a lead time of minimally 2.5 months. This duration includes a one-week buffer time for the delivery of items.
We recommend that orders of CSTD uniforms are placed at least 2.5 months before exam commencement to receive them in time. Below is a compiled list of recommended last-order dates per different countries/regions:

Country/Region Receive Before* Order By*

16th Feb 2024

8th Dec 2023


5th Mar 2024

6th Nov 2024

15th Jan 2024

14th Aug 2024


29th May 2024

5th Nov 2024

5th Mar 2024

13th Aug 2024

East Malaysia

2nd Jul 2024

29th Oct 2024

9th Apr 2024

6th Aug 2024

West Malaysia

6th May 2024

13th Nov 2024

12th Feb 2024

21st Aug 2024

Hong Kong

9th Jul 2024

26th Nov 2024

16th Apr 2024

3rd Sep 2024

India 26th Nov  2024 3rd Sep  2024


27th Mar  2024 3rd Jan  2024
*Do note that the production lead time and recommendations are for items out of stock at the time of purchase.
*For bulk orders above 100 pieces, additional lead time may apply. Do reach out to us for more information.